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Review the detail in the 'Users Guide' for your membership category.


To join the RTA as an RTA Business Partner you need to fill in and submit the online registration form for your chosen category and level of membership. There are several parts to the registration form:
  • Your Registration Data – Standard information that will assist us in providing you with a high standard of personalised service, and an equitable deal for your travel-related products and services experiences.
  • Your Online Profile Data – The additional information that you enter, using the online editor, covering more detailed information on your business.
The registration form also includes the following agreements for your electronic signature:
  • The RTA General Business Agreement – Our assurance that we will not use your data (designated private, shared internally, or public) for any reason other than stipulated without your written consent. That you will respect our intellectual property rights.
  • RTA Development Partners Data Research Agreement – Authorising us to allow selected Development Partners (university or tourism organisation research groups) access to your information on our system (less your personal or identifying information) to study the responsible tourism industry and the RTA’s role in it. Bear in mind, we offer this service to Development Partner research groups in exchange for an agreed donation made to VWB (Volunteers Without Borders) which is used to fund development projects.

Using the Online Editor

Your registration will be confirmed by email once registration has been approvd. You will be sent a unique ID and password that allows you to access the 'user friendly' RTA Online Editor to manage the content and imagery on your profile yourself.
Payment of monthly fees/donations only commences when you make or receive your first booking. However, we would really appreciate it if you made a one-off donation to VWB to help us fund volunteer and training costs. 
It also allows you to provide authentication for access to forums, guest comments, competitions, etc. Assistance is available if needed, from VWB Volunteers who can be organized by the RTA Local Agent.
Once you have completed and submitted your registration form, you must attach proof of payment for:
Yours sincerely, 
Shane K Beary
Track of the Tiger T.R.D.
(Tourism Resources Development)
& The Responsible Tourism Alliance.
Senior Consultant
The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation
Chiang Mai, Thailand.


RTA Travel Ambassador Registration Form

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RTA Travel Ambassador Agreement.

General Business Agreement
As an RTA Travel Ambassador I accept:

  • I will do my best to comply with the RTA Best Practices I have shown support for in my best practices database.
  • I will respect the RTA’s intellectual property rights over the business model used on the platform and will not do anything to infringe on them.
  • I accept full responsibility under the law for any content or comment that I submit or upload to the RTA Platform (Online profiles, forums, resources, etc.)
  • I will consider displaying the RTA logo on my social media, and/or helping to promote the RTA to others.
  • The RTA Local Agent will do his or her best to secure me secure me booking incentives (discounts, upgrades, complimentary services, offered at the discretion of and on a case by case basis by the RTA Business Partners.
  • I will ask questions about the stated responsible tourism best practice compliance of the RTA Business Partners that I visit, where the request to do so is considered reasonable.
  • I will post comments related to their compliance with my stated responsible tourism best practices compliance (service standard, safety, security, etc.) to the comment section of their business profile, inserting my a booking confirmation reference number to verify my guest status.
  • I will comply with the RTAs comment upload protocols under which the appropriate box must be clicked wherever negative comment is made, allowing the Business Partner 7 days to respond and hopefully address any issues before my comment is uploaded.
  • That RTA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership as the business model develops.

RTA Development Partners Data Research Agreement

I accept that the RTA raises donor funding for its non-profit arm Volunteers Without Borders from its registered RTA Development Partners, who benefit from researching its unique business model. That to do so, they need access to my (non-personal identifier information.)