The RTA Competitions are designed to engage and reward the RTA Membership for contributing to the promotion of the RTA and its membership. 
The 50% of the member's monthly fees paid to the RTA for marketing & development, and of that 50% is earmarked for RTA Competition Prizes.
  • Competitions Categories - (1) Travel Quiz (2) Articles, (3) Blog Posts, (4) Photography, (5) Video, (6) VWB Assignment Essays.
  • Competition Entry Vouchers - You need a verified competition entry voucher to submit entries to RTA Competitions. 
    These are awarded based on your membership level 
    Bronze = 0, Silver – 1, Gold = 2. Platinum = 3.
  • Draw Dates - Each competition is drawn, one week after the RTA Barter Dollar 1’000.- 'prize money funding figure' has been reached. 
  • Notification - One week before the draw date, The RTA Membership will be notified of the upcoming competition by email and invited to enter competitions. 
  • Scoring - Entry rankings will change to reflect the ‘votes’ cast for them. On the draw date, the entry afforded the highest number of votes will be declared the winner. 
  • Payment - Payment in RTA Barter Dollars is made into the winning member’s RTA Trade Account – a part of their online profile.


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VWB Assignment Essays