Using the RTA Platform

The information is presented to the membership in two parts:

Part 1. The User Interface Section – Details where and the RTA Ambassadors (the buyers) conduct their search, research, make enquiries and bookings.

A search interface on the home page provides access to the profiles and detailed online presentations (showcasing the products & services) of the RTA Business Partners, and for others in the RTA Community.

  • Search - The vertical search system allows searches to be refined by; region, country, city or province, category, sub-category, price bracket, physical access requirements (or limitations), and by opening periodAlternatively, the keyword search feature may be used.

    As you enter your choices in each field, the results counter number reduces, indicating the number of matches available to you. Clicking on ‘SEARCH’ takes you to a search results page that displays your shortlist of choices. They are listed by (a) membership level: bronze, silver, gold, platinum.  (b) date of registrationThe order within each category can be further prioritised by (c) best practice and service standard score
  • Your Online Presentation - Is showcased through a flexible format, multi-page, interactive presentation of your products and services in a user-friendly way. Some creative design is allowed in; content template options, image, and video upload, interactive databases, mouse activated icon explanations.

The content menu varies depending on member category and typically covers; home, our story, product & pricing, best practices database, personalised service database, news & events, gallery, my comments, barter trade, my blog, and communications and booking log. 
It allows you to record and the Local Agent to review, your stated service preferences; languages, transport, guide service, accommodation, dietary, medical and physical access, in the hope of providing for them where possible.

It includes a record of your hobbies and interests, so that the Local Agent may inform you of any events related to them taking place in the destination during the time of your visit.
The search results page panels and the online profiles themselves are template-based, for easy navigation and icons used are explained (if needed) when you put your mouse over them.

Note* This the beta version is still under development. The 20+ online business profiles loaded onto the system are in many cases still 'incomplete' and the best practices loaded are samples only.

  • Research – As the key to a really good travel experience relies on good research, The system allows you to conduct your own with the help of; related articles, video, photography, blogs, verified guest comments, forums, and more.
  • The Enquiry & Booking System - The RTA Local Agent facilitated 'communications and booking log' allows the RTA Ambassador and RTA Special Interest Travel Operator to compile, cost, fine-tune and then book a highly customised itinerary tailored to meet their specific interests, schedule, and budget.


Part 2. The Member's Information Section - Covers the 'Member's Information' which details the roles, responsibilities, costs, benefits, and user guides for each membership category in a ‘Users - Manual’ style presentation.

Each RTA member has their own category-specific online editor used to develop and upload information to their interactive 'online presentation' on the RTA platform. The format differs slightly to suit the needs of each membership category, and the space allocated to it in MB is dictated by their membership level. Members may upload content themselves, or seek assistance from a VWB Volunteer, engaged through their RTA Local Agent.

  • The Membership - Falls into different categories dictated by their role. They are: RTA Ambassadors, RTA Local Agents, RTA Business Partners, RTA Local Experts, RTA Development Partners, VWB Volunteers, and RTA Special Interest Travel Operators. 
  • The Members Instructions - The RTA introduces a new and alternative business model for the responsible tourism industry so it is essential that the role, responsibilities, costs, benefits and user's guide instructions for each category of membership are explained in detail, and in a standard format. 
  • Security - The profile is user name & password protected and content may be hidden or displayed at will.

    See Members for more information on the roles, cost vs benefits, and instructions for use as they relate to each particular category of membership.