Tourist Routes


RTA's Tourist Route System is a network of excursions from, or between, established destinations. These routes provide a means of getting RTA Travel Ambassadors to use the products and services of RTA Business Partners who, being off the beaten track, are often more authentic, but perhaps attract far less business than their competitors who are better located in terms of access. Our carefully designed routes solve this problem by offering the following:

  • An extensive menu of carefully selected, unique and rewarding travel experiences set along designated routes.

  • Each attraction or service listed in order of its distance from the tourist route start point, and its location identified on a Google map.

Tourist Routes can be accessed via the products and services category in the vertical search system. This display allows visitors to search by tourist route, and then by product or service sub-category along that route. If an RTA Business Partner’s product or service is located along a tourist route, its location and those of the other products/services nearby on that route will be displayed on their profile.

Sample Tourist Route Display

On using search to select and review a tourist route, you will be presented with a table that displays the products and services along that route - by distance from their start point. This makes it easier to customise your itinerary in a logical order. Clicking on the link for any listing takes you to the provider's online profile.

Tourist Route Search

The map shown below is a draft version for display purposes only. The full version (under construction) is designed to asist in itinerary customisation will show the approximate location of each RTA business partner, identified by its ID number. It relates to the list above which shows each business in order of its distance in km from Chiang Mai city.

Tourist Route:
Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Old Northern Trade Route

The Old Northern Trade Route (CNX-Fang-B.Thaton-CEI-Mae Sai)
Maekok River Village Resort -   The Maekok River Village Resort moved to its current site in late 2008 and was designed to take into account the utilization of the greatest resource; that being the view of the river, the valley and the mountains. With the further deve
0.00 Kilometer away from city
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