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Maekok River Village Resort
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Maekok River Village Resort

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The Maekok River Village Resort moved to its current site in late 2008 and was designed to take into account the utilization of the greatest resource; that being the view of the river, the valley and the mountains. With the further development of the gardens, it means that the majority of rooms and the restaurant and bar, have extensive open and green views which are integral to the guests enjoyment of staying with us.
The resort comprises 36 twin and double rooms. The interiors, designed by the owners, can best be described as ‘simple elegance’, using furnishings and colours in keeping with the immediate environment. Eight rooms are adjoining, making 4 family ‘suites’, so that especially young families have a safe space and is proving to be very popular.
The restaurant is built on two floors with the top floor exclusively used by resort guests and with extensive views across the gardens, river and to the distant mountains.
The bar is located on the edge of a large, well-stocked pond. Constructed from hardwoods and with a large fireplace, it is a lovely feature in its own right.


  • The Maekok River Village Resort comes highly recomended as a family holiday destination in the region.
  • The resort's close close proximity to the river and mountains allows us to offer engaging outdoor activities ranging from kayaking to abseiling and bushcraft. This means you you can make your holiday here as active and  "hands-on" as you like! 
  • The resort offers quality hiking and kayaking trips with trained outdoor education instructors. Due the quality delivery of the programme, and the breathtaking scenery, MRVR's outdoor excursions are extremely popular with Experiential Education groups from across the globe 
  • The resort has developed an incredible reputation for its role in community development over the last two decades, and has received awards from the Thai government for their contributions, particularly for their involvement in supporting local schools. Their most recent project saw them partner with international schools from Bangkok to the United Arab Emirates to fund the construction of a school for underprivileged special needs students in the area. 

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An industry leader in their region as providors of experiential education, the mamagement at MRVR identified the symbiotic relationship between community growth, and rewarding experiential education programmes. The MRVR hosts international school groups from across the world to participate in unqiue experiences which combine traditional experiential education practices along with service oreintated activities and the development of soft skills such as critical thinking and communication. 

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Safety has always been a priority at the MRVR, their instructors are first-aid trained and are able to assist in the case of an emergency. There are also two hospitals that are only a short commute from the resort. 

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333 Moo 4, Mae Chan, Fang road, Tha Ton, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai 50280 Chiang Mai, Thailand
The distance is 0.00 Kilometer away from Chiang Mai city

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