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Track of the Tiger T.R.D.

RTA Local Agents



Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Tourism Resources development) The RTA Local Agent and
Volunteers Without Borders representative for the Chiang Mai area, located in the
head office of the Responsible Tourism Alliance & the Volunteers Without Borders
Foundation. Est. 1986 the company has a well-established reputation as a proponent
of responsible tourism and is active in experiential education.


  • We offer an unparalleled level of personal service, working with you to develop a customised programme, accommodating your service preferences, proposing additional activities matched to your stated hobbies and interests, and all under a non-commission based booking model that provides you and the small business you book – a good deal.
  • We provide a growing network of tourist routes as half to multi-day excursions from Chiang Mai, that afford access to less frequented unique and rewarding tourism experiences that the truly responsible tourist seeks.
  • Chiang Mai’s history as a trading centre at end of a traditional pack train section, and the start of the river phase en route to Ayuddhya /Bangkok in the south, give it important historical and cultural significance, and a centre for an arts and crafts industry that still thrives today.
  • The city itself is used to meeting the needs of the mainstream tourism industry – ensuring you of high-quality accommodation, dining, entertainment, embassy, and medical services.
  • The city is well services by low-cost airlines from the key regional hubs, with good rail/road/river access to the beaches of the south, and to our rapidly developing neighbours.
  • Track of the Tiger operates experiential education programmes for international schools around the globe, we place an emphasis on delivering unique and fufilling experiences for programme participants. 
  • The diversity within the selection of programme acitivties is something which we are proud to offer to our clients, from cooperating with local schools on sustainable agriculture projects and coral reef restoration, to three-four day expeditions through the wildnerness or teambuilding challenges designed to stimulate the development of various soft skills. 
  • Our teambuilding programmes are designed to provide a highly enjoyable experience while delivering on the promises of a fufilling programme, the different challenges are sure to stimulate 1) Teamwork 2) Communication 3) Leadership to name a few soft skills we place an  emphasis on. 

2nd Revenue Streams


In support of VWBs various initiatives to address inequality and increase rural school and community household revenue through the development of small scale sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, responsible tourism and non-tourism reliant 2nd revenue streams we are developing a supply chain model that uses our tour transport to carry the raw product in, and bring finished products out of the communities we work with. In so doing, establishing a role for ourselves as a ‘fair trade & quality control’ link in the supply chain.

Booking Incentives


The RTA business model is based on us charging clients booking fees (calculated on the work/man-hours involved) as opposed to the traditional ‘commission-based’ system that disenfranchises the micro and small tourism businesses we work with and as such offering both significant cost savings and an expanded product range that is better matched to the needs of the responsible tourist.

We will negotiate further incentives in the form of (a) group discounts, room or service upgrades, complimentary services) on your behalf – with the RTA Business Partners whose products or services you express an interest in using. They, in turn, will tailor their offer - to attract your custom – on a case by case basis – and at the business owner’s discretion.

Barter Trade

  • RTA Business Partners – May establish RTA Barter Units – A selection of their products and services (i.e. rooms/meal vouchers) each with a stated face value in US$.
  • They upload them to their RTA Barter Account, where their value is used to buy them advertising on the RTA search system entry page – on a pay per click basis.
  • RTA Ambassadors – Having won RTA Barter Dollars in RTA Competitions may use these dollars to purchase the RTA Barter Units advertised by specific RTA Business Partners.
  • The transaction of Barter Dollars for Barter Units is conducted by the RTA Local Agent who on receiving  them from the RTA Ambassador conducts the exchange.(resolve this.)



Given our 30+ years of experience handling clients from the more safety-conscious international school, university and corporate group markets, it was easy to transfer the risk assessment, safety practices, and emergency procedures, and the training needed for frontline staff, to our operations, run under the RTA & VWB banners. 


This online business profile is sponsored by  Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Owner)

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22/8 Moo 4 Tumbol Nong Hoi Chiang Mai, Thailand
The distance is 0.00 Kilometer away from Chiang Mai city
Postal code: 50000

Tel: +66 (0) 53 334 938


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